Our Story

In the Mahmudiye Village of Natürköy Sapanca, right in the middle of a valley with all kinds of green textures, we have been designed to make the visitors experience all the beauties of nature.

It opens up you with its ponds, waterfalls, barbecue areas, restaurant, country wedding area and hiking trails.

Natürköy; It offers a wide area to its guests with seminar and meeting halls, log house accommodation areas, spot mini animal habitats where other animals from the region are hosted and other activity areas.

Maşukiye, between Sapanca and Pamukova, very rare in the world also has a non-climatic climate latter in Turkey. The most important feature that makes this region different is that the humidity and oxygen in the air are suitable for the plants, the effect of Sapanca lake and the low salt ratio in the ground soil. For this reason, the leaves of the plants that grow under ideal conditions have more vivid green tones compared to the leaves of the same species and have a larger and healthier appearance.

Plants in our conservation area in the valley where Natürköy is located; drunkard plum, walnut, pine, rhododendron, medlar, laurel, blackberry, arbutus, berberiş, yukka, fire thistle, poteras, taffela, likustnü.

With Traditional Turkish Houses built for accommodation in Natürköy, it gives you the old times.

You will now be able to enjoy relaxing by staying in this beautiful place where you eat with pleasure and travel the nature with your loved ones.

You can always contact us to experience the privilege of sleeping by breathing in the abundant oxygen of Sapanca in the warm home atmosphere of our homes, which are carefully designed with all your comfort in mind.