We Invite You and Your Loved Ones to Peace and Happiness in the Heart of Nature.


Walking among fragrant flowers and trees, doing sports in nature, falling asleep while reading your book, taking hundreds of photos while touching flowers and insects; Spending good time with the whole family, listening to your loved ones, rolling on the grass with children, getting away from your troubles, spending a day without TV, playing with cats and dogs, riding horses; If you miss to start a brand new start, discover the best in you, listen to yourself and need to be refreshed and rested in every sense, Natürköy is for you!


Enjoying Breakfast
The products in the rich and natural mixed breakfast menu of Natürköy are carefully selected and presented to you from the local producers.

Accommodation in Natürköy
You will now be able to enjoy relaxing by staying in this beautiful place where you eat with pleasure and travel the nature with your loved ones.

Horse Riding and Zipline Experience
At Natürköy, you can do Horse Rides by yourself or with your children or try the zipline and get excited.

Healthy Lifestyle
In our living space built on a green valley, you can wake up energetic and energetic to the day, do sports and share a healthier life.

Wedding in Fairy Tales
You can have the organization of your dreams for your special days, group celebrations and entertainment either in our indoor or outdoor areas.

Imagine an environment where distinguished flavors come together in the magnificent Sapanca landscape. That is the Seyir Terrace.

Natürköy Seyir Terrace Restaurant invites you to enjoy a long brunch at the unique lake view, at a delicious table! The most important feature of breakfast and meals at Seyir Terrace is that all products offered from eggs to sausage, cheese to honey are organic.